Ezekiel Sykes Daemon Tales: Books One & Two.


This book comprises Ezekiel Sykes: Journal of a Daemon, (Book One), and Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board, (Book Two).



Ezekiel is a Daemon of Hell. Created by his God, Mr Morningstar, he has served his master and realm without question, counter to his innate curiosity, until recently. He has an itch, you see, a centuries old itch that needs scratching. His desire to explore the world of Man, or Mon-keigh, in Daemonic parlance, a contagion in his soul, yes Daemons have souls. His rank and role in the Legions of Hell doesn’t permit this, so he’s covertly researched and formulated his own schemes, to make his dreams a fleshy reality. Daemons do have dreams you know? These two books detail his trials and adventures. Dark fantasy holds hands with horror and erotica, as he makes acquaintances and enemies, pursuing his goal. Interested? Follow the relevant link below.