Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board, is Book Two in the Daemon Tales series. It’s also a novella in its own right, and so doesn’t require that you read Book One: Ezekiel Sykes: Journal of a Daemon, to follow a story narrative. Now with that little caveat explained, let’s continue…

In the Realm of Hell, the daemon Ezekiel, is forever formulating schemes to achieve his goal. His plans and machinations to reach his beloved are near completion. Though he must be careful, for his mission to reach the world of mankind is heretical, and his plans are always at risk of being discovered and betrayed…

Waiting for him is Jessica, a 24 year old social misfit. She is entertaining her friend and sycophant, Lenny. Together they are playing her magical, one-of-a-kind, ouija board. This night promises to be the pivotal moment in their relationship. He’d put in maximum effort to earn his time in the bedroom of his desired Jess, and now that he was here, he’d enjoy what she had promised, even if it meant him playing her silly game. Meanwhile, she can only think of him, Ezekiel, her supernatural confidante, and soon, her lover-to-be. The evening will be full of laughter, love and passion, but not for all who them.

Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board, is a dark-hearted, paranormal romance, brewed with magic, love, lust and betrayal, with a dash of gore and a hint of erotica added for extra flavour.

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