Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board, is Book Two in the Daemon Tales series. It’s also a novella in its own right, and so doesn’t require that you read Book One: Ezekiel Sykes: Journal of a Daemon, to follow a story narrative. Now with that little caveat explained, let’s continue…


In the Realm of Hell, the Daemon Ezekiel is travelling to Lake Mengele, his choice for his enforced vacation. His superiors decision to ‘reward’ him for his conscientious efforts in serving the Realm, is also a form of chastisement: To give him focus to duties befitting his role and rank, and to curb his curiosity of exploring Earth, the world of the Mon-keigh. Ezekiel, always planning, always scheming, won’t be kept from his passion, no. He has an option in the field and this is where he is taking his vacation. With some guidance from Lord Mengele, an expert and intrepid, explorer of Earth, his success would be guaranteed, surely?

Upon Earth, Jessica, a social spastic and misfit, is entertaining her friend and sycophant, Lenny. This night promises to be the pivotal moment in their relationship. He’d put in maximum effort to earn his time there, in the bedroom of his beloved Jess. Meanwhile, she can only think of him, Ezekiel, her secret lover-to-be. Soon, the evening would be beneficial, but not for all.

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