Love & Sex

Sex. Love. Always wanted, craved-even to die for-sensations, which for eternity, have coursed through the hearts and minds of us all. This latest collection of poetry flirts with romantic notions, whilst teasing with erotica.




Another review of Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board.

Another review of ES: Ouija Board. This is from Aheli, a friend and avid reader based in Kolkata, India. Like any good review, it is honest. It contains the good, the bad and the ugly points of view within context. If you’re interested in reading the review of my dark, demonic fantasy, click the link below. Thanks in advance.

*Ebook and paperback covers.


Review of Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board.

Generally speaking, I have a fascination with India. The culture, cuisine, art and people, some of these are mentioned in my work, both poetry and prose. Though I’d never truly reached into this great and supernatural country regarding my work, until recently. I contacted Ms Manpreet Kaur, (Indian Booktuber), after watching  her video reviews, finding her style energetic, passionate, and above anything else, honest. If you find time, click and see her opinions and interpretations of Ezekiel Sykes: Ouija Board, with her review. Thank you.


My first forays into writing and publishing have received an overhaul. Pages have been added, pages have been removed, but the content has improved as a finished, reading experience. Grammar and spelling have also recieved some attention. The books affected are: Ezekiel Sykes: Journal of A Daemon, Don’t Drink Alone and Gospel. Covers for Gospel and Horror Duo have also been slightly altered. Hopefully those that have purchased any of these titles can update the edition they have. Thank you.



My latest project, Mosaic, is a poetry anthology comprising the majority of my favourite pieces released over the last few years, and some unreleased. This will be a defining moment, as Mosaic will be my last poetical release for the forseeable future. Time harvested from my poetical forays, will be channelled into my dark worlds of fantasy and horror.

Most likely cover for Mosaic.


He’s coming…..

A prolonged hiatus, due to Daemonic business, has not allowed Ezekiel to frequent these pages, as much as he’d like. Until now…

His latest machinations, full with his inimical charm and Magyke, will be published this autumn, in the Halls of Hell, but more conveniently for his human acolytes, on the behemoth which is Amazon.

Until then, those who are unfamiliar with Ezekiel and his adventures, can read about them here: