My latest project, Mosaic, is a poetry anthology comprising the majority of my favourite pieces released over the last few years, and some unreleased. This will be a defining moment, as Mosaic will be my last poetical release for the forseeable future. Time harvested from my poetical forays, will be channelled into my dark worlds of fantasy and horror.

Most likely cover for Mosaic.


He’s coming…..

A prolonged hiatus, due to Daemonic business, has not allowed Ezekiel to frequent these pages, as much as he’d like. Until now…

His latest machinations, full with his inimical charm and Magyke, will be published this autumn, in the Halls of Hell, but more conveniently for his human acolytes, on the behemoth which is Amazon.

Until then, those who are unfamiliar with Ezekiel and his adventures, can read about them here: