ANNA Update#3

Finally, Anna has been published. If sci-fi horror with a splash of dystopian despair is your reading viagra, then read the blurb below and click that link. Thank you.

Within the magnitude of Mars’ dead volcano, Olympus Mons, the surviving colonists of Camelot Station; Mack, Jerry, and Buddy, hunger for news. An unknown pestilence and fear has scourged the planet’s surface of humanity and its prospecting, operations. Weeks have passed since tragedy visited, and without contact from the other outpost on Mars, Merlin Station, and HQ back on Earth silent, hope of rescue is dwindling, and then a visitor arrives at the entrance of Camelot, seeking shelter…

ANNA Update #2

Meet Anna. Her dreams as a child were to live and work upon the mysterious, alluring plains of Mars. Dreams do come true it transpires, and Anna is transported to Merlin Station. Following tragic events, she travels to the last bastion of humanity on Mars—Camelot Colony. There she finds survivors of the calamity that ruined Merlin, and importantly, her reason for her existence..

Anna is a fluid blend of sci-fi and horror, and is due for release before the end of May. Hopefully you will travel the stars to meet Anna and me upon Mars…

Ebook Cover.

‘ANNA’ Update.

Progress is more of a trickle than a stream due to life changes and unexpected hurdles, but progress is still being made. For now, here is an extract but like all WiP, changes could be made. Here, Anna meets the surviving colonists of Camelot.


For context, following a disaster, the colonists of Camelot believe they are the last humans on Mars, so when Anna arrives and informs them she is a survivor from Merlin, (the twin colony to Camelot), they are excited and dubious in equal measure.

2020 Work-in-Progress

Belated best wishes for a productive and safe new year. I sincerely hope all of your endeavours bear the ripest fruit.

Myself, i’m currently on Mars, blending the sci-fi and horror genres to create, ‘Anna.’ The sole survivor of catastrophe at her colony, Anna, against all odds manages to reach Camelot; the only other colony and last bastion of humanity on the planet. What will she find? Who will she find, and will tragic events follow her?

A Faerie Tale.

Just for kids they say. Those bedtime stories filled with magic, goblins and unicorns, right? What do you think?

A novel exploring and challenging preconceptions of motherhood, mental health, disability, and addictions, ‘A Faerie Tale,’ is an original entry into the dark fantasy genre.

Interested? For more information please click the link. Thank you.